Nooooooo, no no no!!!!

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*knocks on your door* Hello. Would you like to join the Park Jimin Protection Squad? We’re a non-profit organization and our sole purpose is to protect Park Jimin at all costs. He’s such an angel who deserves absolutely no hate whatsoever and anyone who even thinks something negative about him catches these hands. Interested in joining?

I’ll sign up thank you.

Hyuna is asserting herself as the definition of what red is, it’s not a color as it is a thing of confidence and power and sexiness.

From +fujihara17 a commenter on Youtube explaining the meaning of the song to someone.


I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight like have you seen girls




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A Good Thing

Pairing: DaeJae

Warning: Slight smut toward the end.


“I’m fucking tired of you talking all the time Daehyun! Can’t you stop for five seconds and breath?”

“Ja – “

“I mean seriously, do you have an off button? “Youngjae growled, “It’s like you never stop, fucking – Don’t talk anymore, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear about Jongup and his love for Himchan, or Jieun, or what you ate for breakfast, or anything! Don’t talk to me!”

It was quiet and Youngjae slowly realized what he had just shouted, and by the shocked and hurt expression on Daehyun’s face – he realized what affect it had on the other, he opened his mouth, to speak. But Daehyun raised his hand, and gave a small – sad smile. That literally broke Youngjae’s heart.

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do you have that otp where you want them to just kiss and cuddle all day

and another otp where you want them to screw each other on evrry available surface

I want both for HimUp tbh XD

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Oh God I can’t take it anymore!!! ;_____;

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  · Thick thighs are glorious ok.

Himchan and Jongup…………..that is all.

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