A few of my favorite activities.

i like how they put capitalism in fun letters

i rly need this framed on my wall

ah yes

Robertson said this? Wow that crazy bastard.

I’m very agitated and I don’t know why.

I have no inspiration at all to update anything :/

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Summary: Himchan has a kink which he has been hiding from his boyfriend, Jongup. He’s hidden it to save embarrassment of Jongup laughing at him, but when Jongup finds out about Himchan’s kink, he does anything but laugh at him.

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I can imagine Himchan and Jongup having a beach wedding. Jongup would be wearing white pants and a white button down shirt with a red rose in his front pocket. He’d most likely have several buttons undone. But Himchan’s would be buttoned up and he’d have a beige vest over his shirt (the rest would also be white). Jongup would have his vows on paper cuz he’d be nervous that he’d mess up or forget (he always gets flustered whenever he looks into Himchan’s eyes). But Himchan would say them right from the heart because he know exactly how he wants to tell Uppie how much he means to him and how he’s changed his life for the better, and made him a better man.

And as the preacher is about to announce them married, Uppie’s smile would turn into a huge grin and he’d be squeezing Himchan’s hands in excitement. And Himchan would just have this small smirk on his face cuz he knew in one moment, the love of his life would be his forever.



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I would never get tired of waking up to your face or kissing you on the lips everyday.

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I wonder what B-Free has to say about this? I bet his bitch ass couldn’t step to this level if he even tried.

"When you were playing underground, BTS was playing at ground level!!!" YOU CAN’T TELL ME THAT WASN’T MEANT FOR HIM!!! XDDD

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…I-I…I don’t even know what to say to this. No wait, yeah I do. You’re a complete idiot.

Lol it’s okay I know you were talking about her ^_^




I never seem to understand the look of shock on people’s faces when I tell them i sometimes listen to other bands……
Fall Out Boy seems to ALWAYS get everybody some type of way

"YOU listen to (INSERT BAND NAME HERE)????? "

Not in like a “oh wow me too” way but in a “i…

I get this shit all the time. Literally every goddamn show I’ve gone to, anytime I wear a band tee, anytime I get caught singing along to a song in public. It’s really fucking annoying.

I am not a special snowflake, don’t treat me like I’m going against the grain for liking what the fuck I want, don’t slander rap & hip hop around me because you assume I hate anything associated with my culture.

I don’t care that you had NO IDEA this band had black fans. Keep your casual racism to yourself, please.

That crap always got on my nerves. Like seriously, I didn’t that there was a specific way all black people were supposed to be. Reminds me of that episode of Fresh Prince where the fraternity didn’t want Carlton because he didn’t fit the mold of what they thought a “brother” should be. Screw you, I’m my own person and I’ll listen to/watch whatever the hell appeals to me. If you don’t like it, then go to hell. I’d rather die alone than to chance who I am to appease someone that won’t accept me as an individual.

Yes, I love Linkin Park and other rock music, I like quite a few country artists too. I worship everything that is K-Pop, and I love Anime. You got a problem with that? Idgaf if you do XD