Just realized I don’t know all the Bangtan ships! Help please??

And maybe point me towards some really REALLY good fanfics!! XD

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If RapMonster is your bias - your bias is actually Jungkook
If V is your bias - your bias is also Jungkook
If Jimin is your bias - nah Your bias is Jungkook
If Suga is your bias - actually it’s Jungkook so…
If J-Hope is your bias - your freaking bias IS Jungkook!
If Jin is your bias - that damn Maknae Jungkook is your actual bias
And if Jungkook is your bias - well then you’re fucked. Good luck ! ^~^

Because Jeon Jungkook is killin’ dem all~



[140903] BTS Jungkook + J-Hope @ Show Champion Backstage

J-Kook ♥♥♥

Jungkook singing 일하는중 (Working)

I just died and came back to life (。♥‿♥。)



favorite danger moments: jeongguk

sometimes he is indeed international playboy material


The only thing SM did wrong here was to end it sooner than planned. The sad thing was, either way this was gonna happen. Unlike with Kris though, I never saw it coming. Tbh, I never even knew she had a bf!!!

Oh well, thanks for the memories Jessica, I wish you the best of luck! Time to look towards the future!

Well it seems to me like Jessica chose to leave she was just gonna go after the next album. And SM was like well shit if you’re gonna go you might as well leave now. It sucks but she and GG will be okay I wish her the best though. Must be so hard to separate from someone you spent so much time and made so many memories with. The group will still but amazing but it won’t be the same without her.

(Tbh, all this ended up way less dramatic than a lot of the sites were hyping it up to be imo.)

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